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Frequently asked questions

In any case, you purchase a service and it is provided to you accompanied by an invoice.

Our services are intellectual, and our employees spend the time necessary to satisfy our customers. Quality work takes time, and is by definition expensive. It involves high-value technology.

Our work is official, legal and registered with the relevant authorities.

Absolutely not! It’s an intelligent act of management, but fully authorized. We
provide an invoice for our services, and the retrocession in the form of cash-back is included in our
our cost of sale. It is generally accepted that a company’s marketing/communications expenses
up to 15% of sales.

Today, it’s essential to exist on the Internet. When our numerous developers enable us to can offer this service, plus cashback, then it’s only natural to work with us.

No, IBIZZ is a brand. The company operating “IBIZZ” is called Geotactic. It is based in the United States
and operates worldwide.

No, the cashback comes from a regularly paid invoice. This activity is legal. However, we
Nevertheless, we advise you to ask your accountant.

Yes, we can give you a referral code on request. All you have to do is tick the
just tick the tab and follow the instructions.

Buy an item for €10 and limit your risk! What would be our interest in not keeping
our customers over the long term? It’s a win-win situation.

A discreet bank outside Europe that gives you the security of a French iban.